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Daal Soup (v)

Homemade lentil soup. Sweet and sour, garnish with fresh coriander and a lemon wedge


Bara (v)

Thick lentil pancake made with garlic, ginger and fresh herbs, served with green salad and mint sauce


Vegetable Puri (v)

Crunchy pan fried vegetables, potatoes, mushroom and baby sweetcorn. Sweet and sour served on puri bread


Vegetable Pakora (v)

Chopped potato, green beans, carrot and onion lightly spiced with herbs and spices, battered and deep fried, served with green salad and mint sauce


Lamb Adua Chops

Lamb chops marinated with fresh herbs and spices cooked in tandoor. Served with green salad and mint sauce


Vegetable Momo (v)

Homemade vegetable dumplings served with stone ground chutney


Chicken/Lamb Momo

Homemade chicken/lamb dumplings served with stone ground chutney


Prawn Puri

Prawn cooked with tomato, herbs and spices. Sweet and sour, served on puri bread


Chicken Chaat

Tender pieces of chicken with cucumber, potatoes, cherry tomato, spring onion, yoghurt and fresh herbs garnish with chaat masala and served with green salad


Lamb Sekuwa

Delicately marinated tender lamb garnish with fresh garlic, ginger, spring onion, red pepper. Served with green salad


Chicken Choyola

Tender breast of chicken with fresh spices and Himalayan herbs garnish with lemon juice and olive oil. Served with green salad


Vegetable Samosa (v)

Lightly spiced mixed vegetables stuffed savoury, deep fried. Freshly homemade sevred with mint and green salad


Meat Samosa

Meat samosa served with green salad and mint sauce


Chicken Chilli (hot)

Tender pieces of chicken cooked with green chilli, capsicum, tomatoes, chopped onions, soy sauce, typical Nepalese herbs and spices. Garnished with spring onions, hot and spicy. Served with green salad


Khasi Keema Kebab

Specially spiced lamb minced cooked in Tandoor oven served with salad and chutney


Gurkha Tandoori Chicken

Quarter chicken cooked in Tandoor oven served with salad and chutney


King Prawn Butterfly

Large king prawn lightly marinated with herbs and spices, battered with rice flour then deep fried. Served with chutney and green salad


Popadom & Chutney

Served with chutney tray


All our Tandoor dishes are marinated with yoghurt, spices and fresh herbs. Served with freshly prepared exotic green salad and homemade mint sauce

Chicken Tikka

Chicken breast marinated with yoghurt, mustard oil, ginger, garlic and fresh spice. Cooked in Tandoor oven


Gurkha Tandoori Mixed Grill Meal

King prawn, tender lamb chops, chicken and keema kebab, marinated with herbs and spice. Cooked in Tandoor oven and accompanied with sweet naan or rice


Tandoori Chicken Meal

Half chicken marinated with herbs and spices served with pilau rice and green salad


Tandoori King Prawn

Lightly marinated king prawn cooked in Tandoori oven


Chicken Shashlik


Lamb Shashlik


All noodles dishes are prepared with spaghetti noodles, gently stir fry on a wok with aromatic Himalayan light spices and fresh vegetables

Chicken Chau Chau

Tender pieces of chicken, carrots, spring onion, peppers, cabbage, soy sauce and fresh herbs


Vegetable Chau Chau (v)

Cauliflower, mushrooms, white cabbage, peppers, carrots and spring onions marinated with soy sauce, chilli herbs and spice


Mixed Noodles

Prawn, chicken and vegetable lightly spiced cauliflower


Chicken Kali Mirch (medium hot)

Diced chicken cooked with onion and tomato sauce finished with coconut cream and crushed peppers


Gurkha Lamb Curry (medium hot)

Exquisite tender lamb pieces cooked with fresh courgettes, garlic, ginger and Nepalese home spices


Chicken Jaljala (hot)

Tender pieces of chicken cooked with fresh green chillies, garlic, spring onions, green and red peppers, herbs and spice


Gurkha Special Mixed Mash Karahi

Mixture of barbecued chicken, lamb, seekh kebab and prawn cooked with tomatoes, capsicum and coriander in medium spices and thick gravy


Bhutua (medium hot)

Your choice of succulent chicken or tender pieces of lamb cooked with tomato, fresh herbs and ginger sauce

Chicken £9.95/Lamb £10.95

Gurkhali Khana

Tender lamb cooked with mushroom and green peas in medium hot spice


Masu Farsi

Lamb and red pumpkin cooked with fresh ginger, red pepper, garlic, herbs and spices, garnished with fennel seeds


Shangrila Chicken (mild)

Breast of chicken stuffed with cashew nuts an dry fruits. Cooked with chef's special gravy. Very mild classic dish


Chicken Haryali (medium hot)

Chicken cooked with fresh mint, spinach, pepper and coconut cream


Tikka Masala

Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in tandoor mild masala

Chicken £8.95/Lamb £9.95


Cooked with baby spinach, medium spiced

Chicken £8.95/Lamb £9.95/King Prawn £12.95


Very hot dish cooked with fresh green chilli with aromatic spice

Chicken £8.95/Lamb £9.95/King Prawn £12.95

Kadai Chicken

Chicken cooked with onion, capsicum, green chillies and herbs



Very hot curry cooked with red deggi mirch

Chicken £8.95/Lamb £9.95/King Prawn £12.95

Butter Chicken

Tender breast of chicken cooked in creamy tomato aromatic sauce


Paneer Makhani (v)

Homemade cottage cheese and green peas cooked with tomato and onion creamy sauce



Cooked in almond, coconut and tomato creamy sauce

Chicken £8.95/Lamb £9.95

Matter Paneer

Cottage cheese and garden peas cooked in medium hot masala sauce



Cooked in sweet and sour sauce with lentils served with basmati pilau rice

Chicken £10.95/Lamb £12.95

King Prawn Dansak


Seti Macha

Monk fish cooked with sesame seed, curry leaves and coconut milk


King Prawn Masala

Tandoor king prawn cooked with tomato, almond powder, cashew nuts, cream and fresh herb


King Prawn Bhutua

King prawn cooked with fresh mushroom, tomato, Himalayan herbs and spices. Hot to medium hot


Piro King Prawn

Very hot. King prawn curry cooked with green chilli, tomato, garlic, ginger, peppers and garnish with coriander


Gurkha Mixed Vegetable Biryani (v)

Carrots, mushrooms, leek and potatoes cooked with aromatic spice, served with vegetable sauce


Royal Gurkha Buryani

Lightly spiced king prawn cooked with saffron rice, served with mixed vegetable sauce


Gurkha Mixed Biryani

Lightly marinated tender pieces of chicken, lamb and green peas served with raita


Makhamali Tikka Biryani

Marinated with almonds, sultanas and mild spices. Cooked with aromatic basmati rice, served with mild mushrooms and green peas sauce

Chicken £10.95/Lamb £11.95

All our house special vegetable dishes are prepared traditionally. All vegetables are carefully selected and processed on the premises. All dishes are lightly spiced and crispy.

MAIN £8.75 / SIDE £5.75

Gurkha Vegetable Bahar

Mushroom, cauliflower, potatoes, broccoli, carrots and beans cooked lightly spiced with low fat fresh cream

Annapurna Vegetables

Potatoes, okra, cauliflower, mushrooms, courgettes, aubergine, broccoli and beans. Cooked with herbs and spices

Aloo Bodi Tama

Medium hot. Bamboo shoot, potatoes, black eyed beans cooked with fresh tomato and spice

Gurkha Paneer Palungo

Homemade cottage cheese, baby spinach cooked with tomato, lightly spiced, medium hot

Kwati Masala

Medium hot. Red beans, black eyed beans and potato cooked with fresh herbs and spice. Garnish with fresh lemon juice. A festive speciality from Nepal

Piro Tarkari

Very hot. Fresh seasonal vegetable cooked with spice and green chilli and herbs

Katar Tarkani

Green jack fruit cooked with cumin seeds, fresh ground herbs and simply spiced with yoghurt

Palungo Aloo

Baby potato and fresh spinach cooked with garlic herbs and spice

Chilli Mushroom

Mushroom cooked in green chilli and spices

Aloo Bhanta

Baby potato cooked with aubergine and spices. Medium hot.

Aloo Daam

Baby potato and green peas cooked with red onions and red chilli

Aloo Cauli

Potato and cauliflower cooked in a medium hot onion and tomato sauce

Bhindi Fry

Baby ladies finger cooked with onion tomato and fresh herbs

Chana Masala

Chickpeas cooked in mild masala sauce

Daal/Daal Fry

Fry thick lentils with garlic, ginger, cumin, herbs and spices

Vegetable Korma

Leek & Mushroom Rice (v)


Mixed Vegetable Rice (v)


Keema Rice

Basmati rice fried with mince meat


Egg Fried Rice


Pilau Rice


Plain Rice


Peas Pilau Rice


Lemon Rice


Butter Naan


Sweet Naan

Stuffed with almond and coconut




Garlic Naan


Keema Naan

Stuffed with mince meat


Cheese Naan


Kulcha Naan

Stuffed mixed vegetables



Pan fried leavened bread


Tandoori Roti




Aloo Kulcha


Paneer Kulcha


Chicken Nuggets & Chips


Fish Finger & Chips


Malai Tikka & Rice




Chicken Korma & Rice


Chicken Tikka Masala & Rice


Chicken Noodles


Vegetable Noodles


For just £15.95 per person

(discounts and special offers are not available with set menu)


Daal Soup

Vegetable Samosa

Vegetable Pakora

Vegetable Momo

Lekali Mushroom

Aloo Chilli

Chicken Chat

Chicken Momo

Gurkha Vegetable Bahar

Vegetable Korma

Katar Tarkari

Chicken Jaljali

Gurkha Lamb Curry

Chicken/Lamb Madras

Chicken/Lamb Korma

Chicken Tikka Masala

Boiled Rice

Pilau Rice


Garlic Naan

Sweet Naan

Dessert can be replaced with extra rice or naan

Lassi (mango, sweet or salted)


Gulab Jamun


Noodles cooked with veg or chicken, light and subtle use of spices



Fresh green salad with prawn or chicken, very light with Latino dressing (olive oil and oregano dressing)



Battered and deep fried cod fish fillets served with home made chips and dips



Nepalese style vegetable pastry served with green salad and chutney



Mashed veg samosa mixed with lightly spiced chickpeas and yogurt, Nepalese style



Basmati rice fried with chicken or veg or egg



Lightly spiced Nepalese style dumplings served with momo chutney



Chicken or lamb cooked with your choice of sauce (korma / tikka masala / madras), served with basmati pilau rice and poppadum salad



Mango, plain, sweet, salted